If they THINKit. They can dream it.

With new technologies and ingenuity, we are living today in the most dynamic era of learning and education. STEMworks™ THINKit kits are designed to nurture creativity and build excitement and competency in the classroom. These contents help students access STEMworks™ tools such as CAD software, Adobe products, coding languages and more.

Kits offer educational STEM tools designed to encourage creative play and innovation in six themes:

  • Prototyping – encourage design, model and testing of innovations

  • Coding – encourage the reading and writing of programming

  • Virtual Reality – explore and interact with the world

  • Digital Media – visually design messages

  • Circuits & Hardware – explore electronic connections and inventions

  • GIS & Drone – explore geospatial technology and drones

For more information on STEMworks™ THINKit, contact: Melinda White, melinda@medb.org, 808.875.2332.

The STEMworks™ Teacher PD workshop gave me a new perspective on teaching. I can only imagine the possibilities now that my students will have access to drones, robots, virtual reality viewers and much more.
— Peter Hansen, Kamali’i Elementary School, computer resource teacher