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STEMworks AFTERschool End of Year Student Survey (Tell your teacher when completed!)

It’s more than an after school Science Club! The STEMworks™ AFTERschool Program engages elementary and middle school students with fun, interactive STEM curricula.

Six School Centers: Maui Waena Inter., Lahaina Inter., Lokelani Inter., Lanai High & Elementary, Pukalani Elementary (Funded by 21st Century Community Learning Centers Grant.); Kamehameha Schools: Kalama Intermediate- student video, student websites- (Funded by Kamehameha Schools)

Program Participants:

(1) Parent completes- Program Registration & Waiver Form (Note: Parent Survey & Student Pre-Survey are Closed)

(2) End of Year Student Survey (Link Posted here in Quarter 4 - TBA)

(3) Note: Child’s School Teacher will complete the End of Year Teacher Survey (Quarter 4 - TBA)

Our program is designed to:

  • Stimulate interest and skills in STEM education

  • Nurture students’ interest in STEM early, to prepare students for high school and post-secondary education and meet the workforce needs of their communities in viable careers

  • Support students in increased academics for Math, ELA and Science!

  • Practice the Engineering Design Process while building responsibility to collaborative teams!

STEMworks™ AFTERschool is a STEM exploratory hands-on experience that engages students in STEM industry fields:

Without the STEMworks™ AFTERschool program, our students would not have been selected to attend the 3rd annual PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Labs Academy in Washington, D.C.
— Jennifer Suzuki, Maui Waena Intermediate School, STEMworks™ Facilitator & Technology Club Advisor

  • PROTOTYPE (3D Modeling/CAD and Printing)







Through use of collaborative tools, students increase their responsibility to a team and develop career and professional skills.

The program includes an emphasis on coordination between the academic and enrichment activities offered in the after-school program and the coursework students complete during the school day. The enrichment lessons and activities are interactive in order to teach the curriculum in a different way. This can benefit students who struggle in a regular classroom environment.

Focused on providing fun and engagement after the school bell rings, the STEMworks™ AFTERschool Program connects elementary (K-5) and middle school boys and girls (grades 6, 7, and 8) with hands-on learning opportunities. The program addresses the need to stimulate interest and skills in STEM education while preparing them for 21st century careers.

The curriculum is flexible, which allows the teachers implementing the program to connect it to the content students are learning in their classrooms. Most importantly, the program gets students excited about learning by focusing on projects that may address real world issues.

In addition to developing these hard STEM skills, the STEMworks™ AFTERschool Program gives students opportunities to practice essential soft skills, such as collaboration, project management, communication, creativity, problem solving, and critical thinking.

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For more information on STEMworks™ AFTERschool, contact: Melinda White,, 808.875.2332.

I learned that more ideas can help people see different points of view. My teammates have different perspectives from me sometimes and help me see other angles that I didn’t think of.
— 5th grader, Pukalani Elementary
I learned teamwork and expressing my ideas. I also learned how to feel confident in my ideas.
— 6th grader, Maui Waena Intermediate