Celebrate GIS Day!


GIS Day was initiated in 1999 by geographic information systems (GIS)  global market leader, Esri, to be an annual event celebrating GIS technology and the power and potential that it has to solve problems. Esri president and co-founder Jack Dangermond credits Ralph Nader with being the person who inspired the creation of GIS Day envisioning a grassroots effort open to everyone to participate.

STEMworks partners with the Hawai'i Geographic Coordinating Council (HIGICC) to bring this "mappiest" day of the year to Hawai'i students. GIS professionals engage students with hands-on, interactive geospatial activities, such as Science on a Sphere, the Giant Traveling Map, VR with Google Earth, GPS Treasure Hunt and more, allowing students to explore the power, fun and excitement of GIS. Students learn how prevalent GIS is in communities and careers and discover the many GIS career pathways in Hawai'i as they network with professionals during 5x5.

Hawai'i schools interested in unlocking the power of GIS in their schools can apply for free Esri software and training here.


For more information on GIS Day, contact: Mapu Quitazol, mapu@medb.org, 808.875.2343.

I learned and gained more knowledge about the latest technologies today. I think I am more prepared for college with the help of this program. I learned to be more confident with myself and my ability to accomplish projects I start.

Giant Traveling Map Rentals

STEMworks™ recently added the National Geographic’s Giant Traveling Map of the Pacific Ocean to our STEM Library. This giant, 26′ x 35′ vinyl map allows students an engaging opportunity to increase geo-literacy by supporting hands-on and feet-on exploration of the Pacific Ocean!

This impressive geospatial tool is available for schools, clubs and organizations to rent for $100 a week plus any island-to-island/site-to-site shipping fees. Please check availability using the calendar below. Check out FREE Educator activities for the Giant Traveling Map by clicking an activity below:

Earthquakes & Volcanoes  Grades K-4

Earthquakes & Volcanoes
Grades K-4

Simon Says….Explore!  Grades K-8

Simon Says….Explore! Grades K-8

Trench-Trench-Rise!  Grades 3-5

Trench-Trench-Rise! Grades 3-5