An innovative way of thinking, teaching

Ideas are powerful tools! MEDB’s STEMworks™ THINKit kit curriculum empowers students to shape their internal vision into functional reality. These engaging toolkits nurture both imagination and resourcefulness while developing a continuum of skills that can evolve from elementary through high school to in-demand STEM careers. Our innovative K-12 Toolkit integrates 6 STEM themes to dream, invent, design, and test! Think like an engineer using our curriculum along the way!


Prototype: Build your ideas! Design, model and test your innovations.

Sunny Solar Farm with Solar Hydro-pump

Trade Winds Trap with Wind

Dancing Nene with Biodegradable Formcard

Prototyping Action and Inventor Cards

Coding: Code you world! When you learn to read and write code, you learn the language of life!

Sphero Attack with Sphero

Mele Mapping with Ozobot

Cosmic Constellations with Micro:bit

Marine Munch with Micro:bit

Mo’olelo Story with Makey Makey

Coding Action and Inventor Cards

Virtual Reality: Travel anywhere and everywhere with virtual reality! To experience something new, virtual reality is what you do!

Virtual Vacation with 360º Google Street View

VR Photojournalism with Aria Creator

Virtual Reality Action and Inventor Cards

Digital Media: Share your story use digital media tools to visually communicate your message!

Animation Studio with Stop Motion Animation

Digital Media Action and Inventor Cards

Circuits & Hardware: Turn learning into bright ideas! Use these tools to prototype your electronic inventions.

A Bright Idea with Paper Circuitry

Simple Circuits with Snap Circuits

Circuits & Hardware Action and Inventor Cards

GIS & Drone: Using the power of drones and geospatial technology YOU become a powerful problem solver!

GIS Storymapping with ArcGIS

GIS & Drone Action and Inventor Cards

Innovate using ideas tied to NGSS and the Engineering Design Process with the full set of Action and Inventor Cards!

Turn your classroom environment into a place of reinvention and inspiration! STEMworks™ THINKits are available for Elementary, Middle, & High Schools.

For more information on STEMworks™ THINKit Curriculum, please contact us.