Hands-on, project-based, service-learning

STEMworks™teachers learn how to be a facilitator encouraging student self-directed learning. Curriculum focuses on developing students' critical thinking, collaboration and responsibility to a team through application of the engineering design process to solve problems.

Section 1: Introduction

  • The STEM in STEMworks™
  • The WORKS in STEMworks™
  • Service learning as project based learning
  • Teachers as advisors
  • Equity and cultural understanding and responsiveness
  • Instructional design

Section 2: STEM Module

  • Module overview
  • Module at a glance
  • STEM pre and post Assessment
  • Lesson 1: Science: Introduction to science inquiry
  • Lesson 2: Technology: Introduction to hardware and software technologies
  • Lesson 3: Engineering: Introduction to the engineering design process
  • Lesson 4: Mathematics: Using mathematics analysis skills in solving design challenges

Section 2: Service-Learning Module

  • Module at a overview
  • Module at a glance
  • Service-Learning pre and post assessment
  • Lesson 1: Introduction to service-learning and reflection
  • Lesson 2: Assessment of community needs
  • Lesson 3: Cultural understanding and response
  • Lesson 4: Equity

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Me and my partner worked on an engineering project – portable homes for the homeless.
— Lokelani, grade 6