The STEMworks™ Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Curriculum module introduces students to the growing GIS career opportunities throughout the state and nation and to discover how GIS can be used to analyze information, make decisions, and create solutions. Students are exposed to the history of cartography, learn the basics of GIS and Global Positioning System (GPS), and practice using Esri’s ArcGIS Online software in place-based activities such as studying the Hokule’a World Wide Voyage and False Killer Whales in Hawaii. Students also learn how to easily create a StoryMap to visually and easily present complex stories involving places and patterns.

Curriculum features:

  • Section 1: What is a GIS?
  • Lesson 1: What is GIS?
  • Lesson 2: Five Questions a GIS Can Answer
  • Lesson 3: GIS Data Types
  • Lesson 4: Attribute Tables
  • Lesson 5: ArcGIS Online Activity - Hokule‘a World Wide Voyage

Section 2: What is a GPS?

  • Lesson 1: What is GPS?
  • Lesson 2: GNSS
  • Lesson 3: How Do We Use GPS for Making Maps?
  • Lesson 4: Navigating Using GPS
  • Lesson 5: Topographic Maps
  • Lesson 6: Geocaching
  • Lesson 7: ArcGIS Online Activity - GPS and Topographic Maps

Section 3: GIS in Ecosystem Management

  • Lesson 1: How is GIS Helping Our World?
  • Lesson 2: GIS as a Career

Section 4: Story Maps

  • Lesson 1: Maps that Tell A Story
  • Lesson 2: Principles of Effective Storytelling
  • Lesson 3: Types of Data to Choose From
  • Lesson 4: Story Map Templates
  • Lesson 5: Being Careful about Copyrights

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