Energy curriculum, a VR experience

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Get ready for an immersive interactive virtual reality (VR) experience with STEMworks™ Energy! Meant to augment the hands-on scientific inquiry and engineering design labs that students explore in the classroom, STEMworks™ Energy curriculum raises learning on a virtual level. In this immersive VR experience, students take a tour of a local industry showing them what it looks, sounds and feels like to be on the job site. They learn first hand from career professionals what they do in their respective fields, and they even get to experience a mock interview – all in an effort to expose students to local STEM opportunities while also preparing them for STEM pathways.

For more information on STEMworks™ Energy Curriculum, contact: Melinda White,, 808.875.2332.

The STEMworks™ Energy curriculum includes the following resources: 

  • Thermal Solutions Module
  • Solar Electricity with Photovoltaics Module
  • Island Energy Use Module
  • Island Breezes Blowing Energy Module

(link to videos:

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1. For all 3 locations:
2. Biodiesl:
3. Energy Efficiency:
4. Stabilizing The Grid: