GeoInquiry Collections – New Releases

Esri just released three new 2017 GeoInquiry collections, American Literature, Mathematics, and World History! You can also view more map-based concepts found in textbooks at

American Literature GeoInquiries:
• Beyond religion: Scarlet Letter
• Virus of Fear: Witchcraft in Salem
• Poe and the Red Death
• The Red Badge of Courage
• Twain: Travel Blogger
• Hurricane Warning
• Our Town, Your Town
• Gatsby: Then and now
• The mockingbird sings for freedom
• Depression, dust and Steinbeck
• Hiroshima
• Dr. King’s Road to a Birmingham Jail
• Finding Mango Street
• F451: Ban or burn the books
• Serving the Wild

Mathematics GeoInquiries:
• Rates and proportions: A lost beach
• D=R*T
• Linear models
• How much rain? Linear equations
• Rates of population change
• Distance and midpoint
• Coordinate plane
• Euclidean vs Non-Euclidean
• Area & perimeter at the mall
• Measuring crop circles
• Areas of complex figures
• Similar triangles
• Perpendicular bisectors
• Centers of Triangles
• Volume and pyramids

World History GeoInquiries:
• Medieval Europe: Invasions
• Cradles of civilization
• Post-WWI and The League of Nations
• The Reformation
• Africa’s bounty and borders
• African independence
• Silk Road: Then and Now
• The Crusades
• Russian expansion to the sea
• The first Industrial Revolution
• Early European exploration
• Trade and the Black Death
• The Age of Napoleon
• Latin American independence
• International Cooperation