2015 SketchUp Pro software available free to Hawaii schools

Thanks to a continuing partnership with Trimble, Maui Economic Development Board’s Women in Technology (WIT) is making the latest SketchUp Pro software (2015) available at no charge to all K12 public, private and charter schools across the state.


Trimble’s SketchUp Pro is a simple but powerful tool for exploring and presenting ideas in 3D. Much easier to learn than traditional CAD software, Sketchup Pro allows students to start from scratch, or import drawings, CAD plans, photos, aerial imagery and other existing data into a project. The Pro’s advanced modeling tools can then be used to create 3D renderings that can be later exported to other applications.

“Through STEMworks™ and software like SketchUp Pro, students have access to the same industry standard tools used by today’s architects, designers, builders and engineers,” said Isla Young, Program Director for WIT’s K12 STEM Education. “We’re seeing a real difference in the way the students use their critical thinking and project-based learning to come up with real world solutions for the community.”

Trimble acquired the SketchUp platform from Google in 2012 and has been improving it ever since. Although its basic SketchUp Make is available free for individuals, the MEDB-Trimble partnership allows the more powerful and feature-rich Pro version to be provided free to qualified local schools via a short, online survey form.

Hawaii public, charter, and private educators should go to https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/SketchUpPro2015 to complete the survey. A code will then be sent to install the software.

For questions about the distribution process or to find out more about STEMworks™, contact Isla Young at 875-2307 or email isla@medb.org.

The Women in Technology Project is a statewide initiative of the Maui Economic Development Board, funded in part by the U.S. Departments of Labor, Education, and Agriculture as a workforce development project.