21st Century Learning Summit


Over 700 teachers from across the state converged to Nanakuli High & Intermediate School for a day packed with presentations and hands-on learning to take back to their classrooms to promote various types of STEM education and tools.

MEDB’s Women in Technology Project showcased the STEMworks program along with the new GIS Curriculum as well as several Island Energy Inquiry hands-on learning demonstrations during the day.

Isla Young presented on the STEMworks program and how GIS can be implemented into any subject area. Graham DeVey and Melinda White took on teaching inquiry learning – helping students learn as scientists do with experiments on wind energy and magnetism with lessons from the Island Energy Inquiry curriculum.

The Nanakuli-Waianae 21st Century Learning Summit took place at Nanakuli High & Intermediate School on Oct. 30, 2015.