Island Energy Inquiry Statewide Training

Women in Technology’s Island Energy Inquiry™ Program, in partnership with Ka Hei, completed three workshops within the last several months, reaching 71 teachers across the state.


Elementary teachers around Maui took part of a two-day workshop in September which unveiled the new hands-on energy focused IEI Elementary Curriculum! Teachers were able to use and test run the various elementary kits offered by the workshop.

During this past October, teachers across the state met on Hawaii island and Oahu to take part in two workshops geared towards teachers and students grades 5 -12.

Teachers also had the chance to explore the different aspects of the Ka Hei program such as Defined STEM and the various sites that highlight Ka Hei’s project to make Hawaii schools sustainable, reducing the ever-growing energy cost.

The Elementary Curriculum Workshop kickoff took place on September 19 and 26.

The workshops for teachers grades 5 – 12 took place on October 5 and 6 on Hawaii island and October 8 and 9 on Oahu.