Making Industry Connections

The STEMworks™ team connects students with local professionals in an effort to expose them to the many STEM career opportunities in their communities. We also connect schools to Industry mentors for student projects. This is an excellent opportunity for students to gain invaluable insights and exposure to professionals that they might not have otherwise connected with.

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Welcome to STEMworksLive!

STEMworks™ “Live” is a vital program to build awareness for SCience, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Students are immersed with powerful and inspirational local and national STEM professionals to discover career pathways in STEM

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Partnering with Maui Economic Development Board, Air Force Research Laboratory hopes to increase public awareness of the Air Force Maui Optical and Supercomputing Site (AMOS), extend outreach efforts to neighbor islands, and inspire locatl students to work in Hawaii.
— Dr. Ryan Swindle, Research Physicist, Air Force Research Laboratory
Air Force Research Laboratory’s Maui staff has collaborated with Maui Economic Development Board’s host of STEM programs for both teachers and students to learn how to use technology for improving Hawaii’s future.
— Dr. Stacie Williams, Scientist & Outreach Education Director, Air Force Research Laboratory
Today our amateur astronomers, teachers and students have more opportunity than ever before to observe the cosmic highway. Astronomy is a great way to spread interest in all subjects and motivate learners to pursue STEM to better comprehend the world around us.
— Dr. JD Armstrong, Maui Technology and Education Outreach Specialist, UH Institute for Astronomy
It is important to provide and develop future leaders through community based programs such as STEMworks™ Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day. Designed to address planning for Maui’s future, I.G.E.D. engages young women in meaningful events that add to their skill set and inspire them to choose a career in STEM.
— Diona van Ammers, Senior Project Engineer, SSFM International, Inc.